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Audrey Smith Facey

Audrey Smith Facey is the Councillor for the Payne Land Division in the constituency of South Western St. Andrew and will be seeking a fifth term in the impending Local Government election.

Born on February 22, 1959, Councillor Smith Facey, a Wolmerian, successfully completed her secondary education and launched her profession as a public administrator during which she was appointed Special Assistant to former Prime Minister the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, working assiduously through various Government entities to include the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Sports.

As a political activist and member of the People’s National Party for 43 years, Councillor Smith Facey has served on several bodies to include the party’s National Executive Committee, Party Executive, Welfare and Awards Commission, Campaign Committee and the Women’s Movement where she has represented the organization at international conferences in Cuba, Haiti and Guadelope. She is also a former board member of the South East Regional Health Authority, the Jamaica National Heritage Trust as well as the Jamaica Library Service.

Councillor Smith Facey has served the constituency of South West St. Andrew in various capacities having been a former divisional secretary, constituency secretary and is the current Vice President in charge of Electoral Affairs. In her capacity as Councillor attached to the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation since 1998, she has served on numerous committees to include ethics and procurement.  She is presently the chairperson of the Roads and Traffic Enforcement and Bipartisan committees. She has represented the KSAC internationally in Germany and Cuba.  As a VP for Association of Local Government Authorities of Jamaica (ALGAJ) since 2012, Councillor Smith Facey has made representation at conferences in Uganda, Botswana, Trinidad and the Bahamas.

A life member of the party’s Region Three and an astute politician, Councillor Smith Facey vows to continue working on behalf of the People’s National Party in improving the lives of all Jamaican citiznes, creating equal opportunities for every class. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, with strong family values.

Glenn Davis

Born on November 4th,1966 to the proud parents Rhona and Livingston Davis. I am the fourth of eleven siblings, the eldest son and a proud father.

I attended Rokers Point Primary School and graduated from Exuma Senior High in 1984, which is now known as L.N.Coakley High. I worked around the old Exuma airport as a porter,cleaning cars and aircrafts. In January 1985, I attend Clarke's Aviation where I obtained my pilots certificate. In1994 I attended the Industrial Training College where I obtained a certificate in Auto Mechanics.

My favorite sport is basketball. I won the bronze medal coaching Exuma ladies basketball team during the Bahamas Games and won the gold medal as the assistant coach of the Ladies National basketball team at Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM)as well as a certified spinning instructor .

I am now the CEO and President of Coastline Company Limited and currently serving my third term in local government, second consecutive time as Chairman of the West Township and first term as Vice President of The Bahamas Association Local Government Authorities.(BALGA)
Newly elected as 3VP of CALGA . I am also a Justice of the Peace.

Joy Ramcharan-Cooblal

  • 2016 Manager/Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA)
  • Experience in Local Government including designing and delivering training to LG Practitioners
  • Over 10 years experience in Project Management. Project Manager from 2004-2013 at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
  • Caribbean Studies Association – Secretary/Treasurer (2006-2013)
  • Community Public Service:
    1997-2000 – Alderman, Arima Borough Corporation
    2003-2010 – Board Member, St. George East (Tunapuna) Local Public Assistance Board
  • Tertiary Education:
    MSc Degree (Government), The University of The West Indies
    Certificate in EU Project Management, College of Europe, Burges, Belgium
    Certificate in Local Government Studies, the University of the West Indies
    BA Degree, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
  • Personal – Mother of one and four siblings

Mr. Martin Terry Rondon

Mr. Martin Terry Rondon, Matelot born and bred describes himself as a servant of the people. He was elected as a councillor from 1995 and has served for the past twenty (23) years.

“Terry” as he is so endearingly called has special interest in cricket, swimming and community service. He is president of the Toco Old Boys and Girls Association; active in different religious bodies in his electoral district and was instrumental in the formation of the Toco Christian Community. Mr. Rondon is an honorary member of the Power Players Sports and Cultural Club; is involved with the village Councils and continues to assist all school sports and other activities.

Mr. Martin Terry Rondon has been elected as Chairman of the Sangre Regional Corporation in 2013 and serves in that position to present. He has spent a lot of time and energy lobbying on behalf of the fishermen and bringing relief to them in their times of trouble. This chairman is extremely passionate about continuing to improve the lives of all people and intends to focus on:

  • Improvement of agricultural access roads
  • Development of all fishing depots
  • Providing housing and infrastructure
  • Creating employment
  • Ensuring improved transportation

Married with two children and four grandchildren Mr. Rondon is a loving family man.

His motto is “Good For One Good For All”.

Yoland Jno Jules

Photo Yoland Jno Jules

Name Yoland Jno Jules

Born 17: 12: 55.

Home address

Work address

Benjamin Street Vieille Case Dominica


P W C Office   /   DALCA Office

Goodwill road  /    Local Govt.Department

Roseau Dominica  / High Street


                                                  Roseau Dominica



Email addresses [Please list preferred contact address first]   

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Skype dr.birdie2

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Office Phone Number    1676-4402978

Mobile Phone Number   1767-2778798/17676131609 WASAP 1767 2756149.

Home Phone Number   1767-4455809


Current Position: Road Technician/ Public Relation Sales and Marketing Officer. Voluntary positions Re-elected village Councilor / Chairman-DALCA/President- CALGA, Chairman NCCU Marketing Committee.

Key responsibilities and tasks:  Chairs the executive meetings, Manage office, /Supervise staff of DALCA, Attend Functions Represent the Association on different committees. Conduct training sessions, Visit Village Councils around the Country./Manage Road  Projects Prepare Bill of Quantities, Supervise Road works, prepare proposals and programs, Radio evangelizing , Member Independent Committee,




Career History.

Started off in the first Dominica Boys Scout troop, First Junior Calypso King of Dominica Five times crowned unedified. Started music at age 13yrs.

Lead vocalist for  four  Bands,

 Worked with Public Works Department Road Maintenance Division 1979 to present, as Road Supervisor, Road superintendent, Road maintenance technician, Public relations officer.

 Member of Vieille Case Village Council since 1974.to present. Chairman DALCA 4 years. President CALGA   singing Evangelist from 1978 to present. Treasurer Vieille Case Credit Union 1976- 1980. Chairman Marketing committee National Cooperative Credit Union  six years to present.

Coordinator Vieille case Disaster committee.




Qualifications and Training  

Description of the Course/Qualification



Automobile Mechanic  Diploma


Evangelical Certificate                                        




Trans World tutorial. England.         

Southern Baptist

Construction, Supervision and Management. Certificate


National Development Foundation Dominica.

Computer literacy ,Introduction to Windows, Microsoft Word (Basic & Advance) Microsoft Excel ( Basic) Introduction to Microsoft Publisher, Introduction to Microsoft Access, Quick Book Pro 2002, Typing skills, internet skills, Business  Skills.


Youth Skills Program

Sales & Marketing Management  Certificate.


Modernization of Municipalities, E  Government,

Policy and Communication Strategy Development.

Strengthening of The Basic Needs Trust Fund, Monitoring and Evaluation System Certificate.

Sharing Good Practices

Project Management Certificate













U W I Dominica Campus


Jalisco Mexico.


U W I Trinidad


Roseau Dominica.



U W I Trinidad.

U W I Dominica Campus

Public Relations, Stress Management


Managing for Development Results




Dominica Cooperative division

 C T C S

Road Improvement Program. Technical Specifications, Quality control in Road Maintenance, Bitumen Technology, Contract Management, Site Management, Management of inventory, Purchase and supplies, Certificate

 Supervision of Employees workshop, Certificate. Supervisory Management Certificate. Conflict Resolution. Certificate.  Human resource Development Certificate. Team Building, Certificate.

Community Emergency Response Team

(CERT) Trained

May –October. 2010














WSP/ EU /PWC- Dominica







 P W C  Roseau     






 Office of Disaster Management.




  1. Corporate Governance:  Attended a training session in Belize and Mexico in 2012,
  1. Citizen Engagement/ Participatory Democracy: Attended a seminar in Mexico in 2012,Taking part in Political activities, Organising Independence activities Church Activities Community Activities,
  1. Community Development:  Involved since 1974 still serving as a village councillor. Served as Chairman of Village council for two teams, now serving as chairman of NDALA and DALCA. PRO CALGA.
  1. Service Planning / Service Delivery: Gospel Perching, Planning Village and national events, Attending Council inaugurations, Planning Village reunions,
  1. Local Economic Development: took a number of training sessions both in Dominica and Trinidad. Very active in the implementation of pilot projects in Dominica, Member of CARILED steering committee.
  1. Arts & Culture: writing cultural songs, Gospel songs, play the mouth organ and guitar sings at cultural events, at church, cocktails and other functions,
  1. Finance/ Accounting: Keep accounts of business place, DALCA’s account, former treasures of the Vieille Case Credit union, manage accounts of Road maintenance,
  1. Engineering (Construction, Drainage etc.): Supervising construction of Concrete Drains Bridges, walls and roads.
  1. Public Health /Sanitation; member of health committee in home Village.
  1. Waste Management:  I am a litter warden , and involved in clean up campaign
  1. Management / Administration (including HR) Manages the Public relation, Sales and Marketing section, Managed Road Maintenance department and workers.
  1. Facilities / Fleet/ Supply Chain / Inventory Management etc.
  1. Project Management: successfully completed training at UWI Dominica Campus. Did that course with the Cooperative division, already but refreshing .ad presently supervising road project.
  1. Disaster Management/ Mitigation. Trained in Disaster Management. Member of national Disaster committee Chairman of Village disaster Committee.
  1. OTHER. Trained in conflict resolution, stress Management Involved in political campaigns Activities.



Job Title/Position


Email Address

Viencienne George

Administration Officer DALCA



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Dr.Lucritia Gabriel

Lecturer U W I St. Augustin Trinidad


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .