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Mr. Martin Terry Rondon

Mr. Martin Terry Rondon, Matelot born and bred describes himself as a servant of the people. He was elected as a councillor from 1995 and has served for the past twenty (23) years.

“Terry” as he is so endearingly called has special interest in cricket, swimming and community service. He is president of the Toco Old Boys and Girls Association; active in different religious bodies in his electoral district and was instrumental in the formation of the Toco Christian Community. Mr. Rondon is an honorary member of the Power Players Sports and Cultural Club; is involved with the village Councils and continues to assist all school sports and other activities.

Mr. Martin Terry Rondon has been elected as Chairman of the Sangre Regional Corporation in 2013 and serves in that position to present. He has spent a lot of time and energy lobbying on behalf of the fishermen and bringing relief to them in their times of trouble. This chairman is extremely passionate about continuing to improve the lives of all people and intends to focus on:

  • Improvement of agricultural access roads
  • Development of all fishing depots
  • Providing housing and infrastructure
  • Creating employment
  • Ensuring improved transportation

Married with two children and four grandchildren Mr. Rondon is a loving family man.

His motto is “Good For One Good For All”.