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Corporate ID


Corporate colours:

Sky Blue and Aquamarine

Logo Design:

  • The colours aquamarine and sky-blue present the contrast of a mild and a strong colour which would reproduce well in print
  • These corporate colours are intended to represent the sky and the Caribbean Sea that washes the shores of our member states
  • The design is conceived to sublimely and symbolically suggest the waving of the CALGA flag for Local Government in the Caribbean
  • Graphically: a flag

Tag -Line:

"Promoting Good Governance and Local Democracy in the Caribbean"

CALGA Vision:

"A strong, independent, nationally and internationally recognized Association that supports, advocates and advances the rights, interests and sustainable development of Local Government in the Caribbean"

CALGA Mission:

"To promote good governance and local democracy through capacity-building, networking, advocacy, and effective representation of the interests and views of Local Government authorities"