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CALGA and Commonwealth Foundation

CALGA wins support of Commonwealth Foundation to Promote Democracy among Youth

Fostering a Culture of Democracy among Youth in Schools and Local Communities is a project that will be undertaken by Local Government authorities in four Caribbean countries. The intention is to build on the Local Government system to promote a culture of democratic principles and public ethics among young people. It is expected that the youths will take these values into their impending adulthood, and into the towns and villages to which they belong.

The project will be implemented by CALGA in The Bahamas, Guyana, St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. It will focus on providing a structured mechanism for engagement of youth in public affairs. Young people will be educated about Local Government in their home countries and will learn more about the principles of gender equity and the value of local culture. CALGA’s mandate is to promote local democracy in the Caribbean.

This initiative is supported by the Commonwealth Foundation and will run for three years. The Commonwealth Foundation is a development organisation with an international remit and reach, uniquely situated at the interface between government and civil society. The Foundation develops the capacity of civil society to act together and learn from each other to engage with the institutions that shape people’s lives. It strives for more effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation, which contributes to improved development outcomes.