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Biennial General Meeting

The Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA) held its Biennial General Meeting 2016 on the 7-8 October 2016 in Roseau, Dominica. The meeting was hosted by the Dominica Association of Local Government Authorities (DALCA).

The two-day meeting was conducted at the Garraway Hotel in Roseau and was attended by delegates from six member countries including: The Bahamas, Antigua, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Dominica. Also represented at the meeting were the Commonwealth Local government Forum (CLGF) and the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED). The Opening Ceremony was attended by various local dignitaries and Permanent Secretaries. The feature address was delivered by the Honourable Catherine Daniel, Minister of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs.


The following local government representatives were elected for the 2016-2018 term:

President – Yoland Jno Jules (DALCA)
1st Vice President- Audrey Smith Facey (ALGAJ)
2nd Vice President – Anthony Roberts (TTALGA)
3rd Vice President – Glenn Davis (BALGA)
Treasurer – Erickson Robertson (DALCA)
PRO – Donovan Mitchell (ALGAJ)
Secretary – Chevita Campbell (BALGA)

Appointed to following positions were:
CALGA Coordinator – Terry Martin Rondon (TTALGA)
UWI Representative – Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath (UWI, St. Augustine)
Manager – Joy Ramcharan-Cooblal (CALGA)

Planned events included the Inauguration of the Canefield Urban Council which was held at the Old Mill Cultural Centre and Art Gallery which is a restored historic site. This function was attended by Their Excellences President and Mrs. Savarin.

Other social events were: a Cocktail Reception hosted by DALCA, a visit to Scott’s Head Marine Reserve, dinner at Purple Turtle Beach and a visit to the famous Soufriere Sulpher Springs.